About Me

Creator & Maker                                                                                                        

Hi I'm Sarah, creator of Adrawables and maker at The Little Red Cabin.

I'm always interested to know more about the makers I buy from, so I thought you might like to know a little about me...

...I was born in Perth, Western Australia and visit as often as I can, catching up with much-loved mates, the wildlife and the beaches. 

A former production manager in television and sporting events management, my career spanned over 25 years and it gave me the opportunity to travel the globe, meeting wonderful people and creating fabulous friendships. Rugby and Cricket World Cups, FIFA TV, Aussie Top Gear, Masterchef, The Biggest Loser, the London Olympics etc, they've all been incredibly challenging and rewarding in equal measure. 

But back in 2010, I wanted to make something totally unique for my sister. I found a drawing which had be drawn by one of her children when they were about three or four. A simple pen scribble of a little girl. She had a belly button, long legs and flowers for feet! I had a sewing machine, so I thought I'd sew something - simple! Well not quite, but I did it. Using baking paper as my make-shift pattern paper, I drew a larger version of it, then sewed and stuffed...et voilà, a large softie of little Miss Flower Feet and what was to be the very first Adrawable! 

I've been making them ever since and in recent years I've decided to concentrate full time on my own creative passions, exploring different mediums, creating gifts and decor of all kinds. After a few years at the dining table, we built a cabin in the back garden and painted it red, as a nod to a fabulous holiday we'd had in Norway that same year, hence 'The Little Red Cabin'.

It's been a few years since then and even though we've moved, I decided to keep The Little Red Cabin name because whether it's an Adrawable, a fused glass piece or something in wool, they all come from me at The Little Red Cabin.

Everything handmade, one at a time.