A Drawing + A Keepsake = An Adrawable

Sometimes children's drawings are just too special to keep in the one dimension, so allow me to re-create your favourites into unique keepsakes.

With several options available you can choose from a hand-sewn softie version, ideal for the youngsters, or for the grown-ups, a stylish, glossy fused glass sculpture. Whichever you choose, you can guarantee there won't be another like it in the world. 

A true one-of-a-kind piece of art. 

Softie Adrawables Cuddly and soft these are a hand sewn version of your child's drawing. Using fleece fabric with a non-allergenic filling, I create a bespoke pattern of your drawing, keeping it as identical as possible to the original. Sizes vary but are approximately 45-60cm in height.

Priced from £136.00 plus p&p (prices may vary due to the complexity of drawing)

Glass Adrawables A fused glass, 2D sculpture of your child's drawing. Handmade using fused glass techniques and fired in my kiln, your piece comes ready to display with a solid handmade stand. The glass sculpture itself is approximately 15-20cm tall. Once in the stand, it's approximately 20-25cm in height.

Priced from £92.00 plus p&p (prices may vary due to the colours within drawing)