Wool Creations

My wool creations are made using pure wool and needle felting techniques.

Needle felting is a labour of love and definitely a slow art form with most of my mobiles taking several days to make.

I quite literally begin with fluffy pieces of wool and using a long needle with barbs on, I poke and 'stab' at the wool, effectively taking the air out of it, which allows me to create shape and with time, form.

I work with mostly with British wools and each breed offers it's own unique finish. With its rich wool history, I love the serendipity of needle felting here in Cirencester...There's always something new to learn about working with wool and I still have plenty more to learn and discover!

My wool mobiles are really quite a joy to create, usually for baby's nurseries or children's bedrooms but I've also completed home decor mobiles too. My 3D wool sculptures are truly labour intensive and take several weeks to complete, so for this reason I mostly work by commission. As a guide, 3D pieces start at around £120 but do contact me if you'd like to more specific information.